VisionAcumen Fund is working toward a world where every human being has access to the critical goods and services they need—affordable health care, water, housing, energy—so that they can make choices and pursue lives of greater purpose.  This is where dignity starts—not just for the poor but for everyone on earth.

What is an Acumen Fund Chapter?

Acumen Fund Chapters are an integral part of efforts to increase awareness, excitement, and membership in Acumen’s community of supporters and advocates – from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands and someday millions of people – who believe that the model of patient capital has a central role to play in the global fight against poverty.

A Chapter is essentially an Acumen Fund volunteer/interest group – a group of like-minded individuals who share a passion for and interest in Acumen Fund’s work. The goals of a Chapter are to:

  • Champion patient capital as an effective complement to traditional aid
  • Serve as a key fundraising and communications resource for Acumen Fund
  • Deliver on these objectives in a way that is consistent with Acumen Fund’s brand and values

How to get involved with the London + Acumen Fund Chapter?

Join our community here for the latest updates on events, gatherings and details: http://community.acumenfund.org/group/londonsupportsacumen
(this also acts as a mailing list) 

If you would like to volunteer for our events in support of Acumen Fund, please email us: london4acumen@gmail.com and write in the subject line:  “Volunteer”

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