What is Acumen?

“Solving poverty through business, innovation, and by providing dignity and choice for the poor.”

London for Acumen, a volunteer-run chapter, supports this mission by actively championing Acumen Fund’s innovative model of investing patient capital in enterprises that solve the problems of poverty.

With thousands of members from over 110 countries, the Acumen Fund global community offers an unprecedented opportunity to build a global conversation about innovative ways to tackle poverty. Our members include social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, students, corporate professionals, artists and individuals who are learning about social enterprise and patient capital for the first time. We, as the London chapter, are proud to be one of the many global Acumen Fund volunteer chapters.

Each member brings a unique voice and has the capacity to have an impact on this global conversation. Members are taking it to the streets, organizing events, forums, celebrations and workshops to learn, share ideas, and support Acumen Fund’s work.

Join our community to learn from others, share your own views and find ways to get involved in changing the way the world addresses poverty. By being a part of this community, you are helping end poverty by supporting choice, not charity, and embracing dignity, not dependence.

A list of additional Acumen Fund city chapters can be found here


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