LONDON+acumen proudly presents: ACUMEN 101 (Sold Out)

Want to tackle poverty through income generation and job creation? Come and join us for an interactive learning session on the work of Acumen Fund – a pioneering social venture capital fund with more than $60 million invested in over 50 enterprises that serve the poor. ACUMEN 101 will be led by Acumen Fund’s newly-established European Team Vinay Nair and James Wu. Please click here to learn more about Vinay and James (both now based in London).

There will be an introduction on what is patient capital? How does Acumen make investments? How does Acumen find social entrepreneurs and what are the impacts since the 10 years Acumen Fund has been running?

This open session is intended for young professionals, students and anyone interested in impact investing, social entrepreneurship and global development. It will cover the essential objectives and values of patient capital. If you are already a knowledgeable impact investor – please consider attending our session ACUMEN 202 at a later date.

Thank you for your interest in ACUMEN 101! We are inspired by your enthusiasm and looking forward to a great SOLD OUT session at Hub Culture on Thursday Oct 6.  Unfortunately, there are no spaces left for the October event, but if you are interested please sign up for priority registration/mailing list for our November 30 PITCH! London event – where you can learn more about social entrepreneurship, patient capital and Acumen Fund. Featured speakers, investors and social enterprises will soon follow on our website for the event. 

/LONDON+acumen team

Date: Thursday October 6, 2011
Time: 19:00 – 20:30
Location: HUB Culture, 49 Carnaby Street (Kingly Passage)


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